The launch of Accounting for Value is timely for discussions on Australian charities’ financial reporting

The SROI Network has just launched it’s site Accounting for Value where Jeremy Nicholls challenges us to take principles-based accounting back to basics and ask ourselves what we want to account for and how we might agree on the answer.

While the discussion may seem idealistic and somewhat hypothetical, it’s a great basis for charities in Australia to start from when thinking about the financial reports they’ll soon be submitting to the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission. What story do we want to tell, and well how do our current accounting principles and practices deliver it?

Growing the Social Investment Market: Progress Update (UK Cabinet Office)

The Cabinet Office report summarises recent developments in the UK and sets out immediate priorities. Thumbs up for doing this in only 18 pages!


1. Growing the Social Investment Market: A vision and strategy

2. What we have delivered (Increasing the supply of finance for social investment; Increasing the number of credible social investment opportunities; removing barriers to social investment)

3. Our priorities now (Increasing he number of credible social investment opportunities; Removing barriers to social investment)

Annex A: Market developments (a good and up-to-date summary of what’s going on in the sector, including a page on Big Society Capital investments)