Emma Tomkinson is a social impact analyst living and working in Perth, Australia. She is particularly interested in the role of impact measurement in evidence-based policy, including policy related to social investment. She created the Social Impact Bond Knowledge Box for the Centre for Social Impact Bonds at the UK Cabinet Office and also developed the social impact bond concept for application in New South Wales, Australia. She is currently establishing Community Insight Australia (see below) and consulting to organisations considering social impact bonds. Please get in touch to exchange ideas or leave a comment.

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An interview of Emma by the Social Investment Laboratory in Portugal can be read here.


Emma is the founder of Community Insight Australia, a social enterprise that translates the UK software tool Community Insight for use with Australian communities. The tool collates and maps publicly available social data. It presents this data in a way that is easy to see and understand. The tool provides Australian social purpose organisations with the location-based information they need to tailor their services to local communities.

Image result for impact seed logoEmma works as a Senior Consultant for Impact Seed. Impact Seed is Western Australia’s peak market builder for impact investment and social enterprise development. Our role is market development on both supply and demand sides with government, not-for-profits, corporates, foundations and family offices through advisory, impact management and investment readiness support.


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Emma’s book Cooking up Times Tables (2000) – biscuit recipes encoded in multiplication tables and fractions – can be purchased here.

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