NPC’s shared measurement series – developing common metrics for common outcomes

New Philanthropy Capital (NPC) has so far produced three reports in its Measuring together series. Each report looks at measuring both final outcomes for program participants and outcomes achieved along the way. This is one of those endeavours where we all benefit from the reports and their methodologies, but the benefit of having charities in the same service area work together to develop them may be even greater.

[post edited April 2013]

I’m going to do an update here and just link to NPC’s work Mapping Outcomes for Social Investment, part of developing an impact measurement framework for Big Society Capital – there’s the outcomes matrix, outcomes maps and ‘Investing for Good’ by Adrian Hornsby and Gabi Blumberg of Investing for Good. The Good Investor is available in one of the most user-friendly formats if you click on that link and I can’t wait until the matrix and maps go online and PDF free (hint, hint)!!