Charities want to keep their regulator: Analysis of submissions to the ACNC (Repeal) (No.1) Bill 2014

Submissions to the Senate inquiry into the Bill to repeal the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) closed Friday 2 May, 2014 – 154 were published.

There will be two Bills in the process of legislative change. The first, this one, is to repeal the ACNC Act. The second will be to establish regulatory arrangements in its place. The first bill will not come into effect until the second Bill is published.

This analysis of the submissions to the inquiry contains statistics and quotes from a review of the submissions. If you would like to print a copy, please download the PDF. It is organised under the headings:

  1. Who submitted
  2. Arguments against the Repeal Bill
  3. Support for the Repeal Bill
  4. About the ACNC.

A summary of this information was published as an article, Charities Voice Overwhelming Opposition to ACNC Repeal Bill in Pro Bono News on Monday 13 May.

The most frequently quoted and supported submissions came from the Community Council for Australia and the Queensland Law Society.

[The Creating Australia submission was published twice (numbers 16 and 146) and is thus counted as two submissions.]

Who submitted and what was their position?

Position on the ACNC (Repeal) (No.1) Bill 2014

124 (81%) submissions opposed the Bill and 14 (9%) supported it. Fifteen submissions provided information or made statements to the Senate Committee, but neither stated explicit opposition nor support for the Bill. One submission was confidential.

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