Social Entrepreneur / Measurer’s Apprentice

Do you like stuff? All sorts of stuff? People? Finding hidden treasures in datasets?

If so, then this very random, but potentially very cool job is for you. Emma Tomkinson, Social Impact Analyst, needs someone to help various data projects. There is also a data-mapping social enterprise she would like you to setup and run, called Community Insight Australia.

Selection Criteria

  1. A curious mind. You need to be curious about how things work and how they might work better. You need to be curious about how people make decisions and how you can help them do that. You need to care about the little things you can do better: spelling, grammar and beautiful presentation are important. You don’t have to be great, but you need to want to be.
  2. Good communication skills. You need to like being around all sorts of people and finding out what makes them tick and using that to help them out.
  3. Analytical appetite/skill. If you don’t enjoy getting lost inside a spreadsheet all day then this job is NOT for you. It won’t be spreadsheets every day, but when you get one, you’ll need to love exploring it and playing around with it until you have something beautiful. Please do not apply if you hate spreadsheets and data and maths in general.

The Job

You will spend about half your time setting up and then running Community Insight Australia, a translation of a UK software social enterprise that creates detailed social profiles of communities as users select geographic areas on a map. You will help set everything up, but be focused on sales and marketing. Emma will support you in all of this, but you will own the project and be the face of the organisation. The wonderful students of the Social Impact Hub have created the Community Insight Australia Business Plan for you. It’s not set in stone, but it’s a great starting point.

The other half of the time, you will help Emma with projects. You will have the ability to agree to or refuse each project as it arises. Your main activities will probably be:

  • doing demos of the Community Insight software and helping people with how they might use it
  • analysing datasets and graphing insights
  • writing reports on information from datasets.

You will likely work with the following wonderful companies who are already interested in you:

Think Impact logoThink Impact “We combine rigorous social impact analysis with data visualisations and stories of change captured on film. The results help you understand how you create change, gives your stakeholders a strong voice, provides a precious resource to enhance your impact and leave you with a unique tool to engage supporters, funders and stakeholders.”

Performance Audit Review logoPerformance Audit Review “We provide independent, objective review and consulting services to support you to improve your organisation’s performance. We provide a systematic, transparent approach to review and evaluation, emphasising the identification of opportunities for improvement.”

engage2 logoEngage2 design and manage community and stakeholder engagement strategies for Government. We integrate digital communications, online engagement and social media methods to complement on and offline community and stakeholder engagement techniques.”

Your salary

You will design a salary, equity and commission package that suits you. Your expected Year 1 salary should be around $50k. Emma will not let you starve, but you might not become rich over the first year…

For Community Insight Australia, you can choose between the following or suggest an alternative:

  1. $20k salary + 10% commission on sales
  2. $10k salary + 20% commission on sales
  3. 50% commission
  4. 20% commission + 5% equity (must be sold back if you leave)

For analytical project work, your rate will be $30 an hour, which will increase during the year as you become more independent. You are guaranteed a minimum $10,000 for this portion of your work, unless you refuse more than 20% of the projects that are offered to you. In that case, the guarantee does not apply and you simply earn the hours you work. Your time belongs to you – you may like to embark on your own projects of interest, write for blogs and media outlets or publish papers.


The location of the base office is not yet decided. Expect somewhere between Bondi and Sydney city, with some on-site work with clients required. Working from home will be an option on occasions, but the majority of time will be spent in an office environment that will be provided for you. It would be good if you had your own laptop, but not essential. Sorry, but macs are not very good for working with data.

Emma Tomkinson – Social Impact Analyst

0424 614 612

Photo of Emma TomkinsonEmma is a social impact analyst who helps social purpose organisations identify and pursue their objectives. Her mission is to help other organisations achieve their missions with better data. She used to be a maths teacher so will teach you everything she knows. Emma is very caring, but has very high expectations. She is somewhat chaotic, a little bit fun and very focused on the content (to the point where she might forget you exist or look angry because she’s thinking really hard). She loves what she does and the people she works with and she works hard.

Application process

Please email Emma by Thursday 11 Dec 2014 if you are interested. Include NO MORE THAN one page or 500 words that is a story about you. Please include a description of something you’ve set up or are proud of achieving. Pictures, graphs and diagrams would be lovely. If you make the shortlist, you will be interviewed, hopefully on Monday 15th December. In the interview, we can talk about salary. If you pass the interview, you will be given a one-hour case study. The leading applicant will then be offered the position. You will be expected to start in the last week of January. Please feel free to call Emma with any questions or to discuss anything that’s not clear.

Download as PDF: Community Insight Australia Job Description Dec 2014


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