Social Impact Bond (SIB) UK v. world map

These maps and charts are accurate to the best of my knowledge as of November 2015. The images are slightly clearer if you click on them. Will try to keep them up to date, but feel free to give me a nudge if I fail to. I only count Social Impact Bonds that have been agreed by all parties and subsequently announced publicly. Happy to accept corrections!

[I’m currently occupied with other projects, so I recommend the Social Finance (UK) SIB database as the most reliable source of information and counter of SIBs.] 

SIBs launched

UK SIB map

SIB world mapThe references below are for the newer ones – the older ones are best explored through the UK Cabinet Office’s SIB Knowledge Box Case Studies which is a little out of date. Please note my bias towards government announcements over other parties’ – this reflects my personal interest rather than any objective assessment of the materials.

Saskatchewan – Canada

Saskatchewan Govt, 21 May 2014, New Home for Single Mothers Opens in Saskatoon; Funding First of its Kind in Canada

Birmingham – UK

Birmingham City Council – 25 November 2014 news release for service begun August 2014, Innovative approach to finding foster placements.

Augsberg -Germany

Access a PDF overview from the intermediary Juvat or see my blog on this SIB.

Chicago – USA

City of Chicago, 7 October 2014, Mayor Emanuel Announces Expansion of Pre-K to More Than 2,600 Chicago Public School Children

Cuyahoga – USA

Cuyahoga County, 3 December 2014, Nation’s First County-Level Pay for Success Program Aims to Reconnect Foster Children with Caregivers in Stable, Affordable Housing

Massachusetts – USA

Massachusetts Govt, 8 Dec 2014, Massachusetts Launches Pay for Success Initiative to Reduce Chronic Individual Homelessness

Fair Chance Fund – UK

Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG), 9 Dec 2014, £23 million to help homeless turn around their lives (of which the Fair Chance Fund is £15 million) and specification for tender.

Social investment tax relief for homelessness social impact bonds by Third Sector 5 Feb 2015


EVPA, 6 Feb 2015, First Social Impact Bond launches in Portugal.

Youth Engagement Fund – UK

Department of Work and Pensions (DWP), 19 March 2015, New social impact bonds to support public services (there are two further social impact bonds announced in this press release that have not been fully developed yet – one will be delivered by Social Finance and one by Evidence-Based Social Investments).

Newcastle West CCG – UK

NHS Newcastle West Clinical Commissioning Group (NWCCG) ‘Ways to Wellness’ programme, 27 March 2015,
NHS in Newcastle commits £1.65m to improve long-term health conditions

Santa Clara County – US

County of Santa Clara, 13 August 2015, County of Santa Clara Launches California’s First “Pay for Success” Project

Tel Aviv – Israel

Social Finance Israel, 5 November 2015, Israel’s first Social Impact Bond Gets Underway

13 thoughts on “Social Impact Bond (SIB) UK v. world map

  1. Reblogged this on AP Social Finance and commented:
    If you are interested in the SIBs that have been commissioned world wide (21 to date), check out this map by Emma Tomkinson. Her blog is an in depth and insightful resource for learning about SIBs. Enjoy!

  2. Thank you for this very informative blog!

    I am doing my master thesis on SIBs, and I would really like to speak to you, via skype or phone, please contact me.

    About me:
    Leydi Johana, 23 years old, student in Social Policy and Social Interventions at Utrecht University (The Netherlands), interested in social innovation, social impact measurements, and impact investing.
    Twitter: @Social_Profit_C

    • Hi Leydi, Thank you for getting in touch – I’ve sent you a tweet – it would be a pleasure to speak to you. I’m writing a blog for research topics related to SIBs – I think there a few of you around the world who might want to connect with each other and build on each other’s research so I hope that sounds like a good idea too!

  3. I just wanted to provide a other link to a great work done about mapping SIB, including in developing countries. Well, it is perhaps a bit old, ’cause not including the one implemented in Netherlands and one design phase in Belgium. But it helps me a lot to understand the world map development.

    Thanks Emma for sharing your knowledge in this blog!

    • Thanks, Robin. Instiglio’s format is really useful and they are active in SIB conversations. I am, however, wary of raising expectations by publishing deals that have not been agreed by all parties – if the result of a process of developing a SIB is not a SIB, I wouldn’t want it to be assumed that some kind of failure has occurred. The process of thinking about a SIB can be beneficial for all parties and result in some other kind of contracting or financing, which may be more appropriate for the social issue at hand. I like the SIB tracker from Finance For Good in Canada – you can click on the column headings to reorder the information

  4. Thanks for this link, Emma. I didn’t see this link before. Researching on the topic, I appreciate however that Instiglio provides also knowledge about project in design. That it helps me to understand the further potential of this mechanism. But I really like the SIB tracker form Finance For Good, providing more detail on the cases.

  5. Nice graphics. It is even cited by a official OECD report about SIBs. However, if I compare your graphic with the latest numbers on ( and with last year’s report of Social Finance (Social Finance. (July 2016). Social Impact Bonds: The Early Years. New York: Social Finance Global Network.) it seems incorrect.

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